Appreciative Inquiry

Developed by David Cooperider, Case Western Reserve University, Appreciative Inquiry is a dynamic process using inquiry (questions) with participants to: 1. identify and repair inaccurate assumptions driving unwanted outcomes; 2. identify and analyze demonstrated successes for amplification and application towards unwanted outcomes; 3. use as a method for envisioning and strategizing towards problem solving, sustainable change and innovation.

This modality is customized to the client and purpose of use. 

​It's effective for tackling persistent unwanted outcomes and facilitating meaningful change whilst asking "what if?" It is an inherently positive and collaborative process, particularly adept at creating 'AHA' moments that can be major game changers for individuals and teams at all levels. 

Ingeni, LLC Consulting has had repeated success addressing chronic conflict, sensitive team relational issues and 'unmentionables' using this method.

As with any tool, its efficacy lies in the hands of the operator. Ingeni, LLC Consulting has the training and background to successfully facilitate this highly effective modality with clients.

​Character Strengths Development

Developed by Dr. Martin Seligman, University of PA., this Character Strengths modality emanated from rigorous research and has a demonstrated track record of success. It is used and studied in multiple fields including business, adolescents and children, education and therapeutic counseling.  This modality identifies the client's unique way of using their strengths by rank of frequency, situational activation and outcomes both positive and negative.

This modality looks at individuals as who they are fundamentally, not just who they are at work. The most inspiring aspect to this work is it's positive approach and elimination of conceptual 'weakness' which has been characterized by participant's as 'liberating'.

Individuals and Teams

Assignments are customized to individuals and teams. Individuals and team leaders are provided Character Strengths assessment reports. Assignments are incrementally challenging for building proficiency and self-awareness to change repeated unwanted outcomes for continuation after the work is completed. Team leaders learn how to use this modality for a strengths-based management style and better team performance outcomes. 

This work is applicable to any level of employee from leadership to line staff and has broad application for meaningful change in both their professional and personal life.  

Why We Combine These Modalities 

Because it works.  How we respond to unwanted outcomes is critical to not creating more of them. Combined, these methods provide powerful tools for sustained effectiveness long after our work with a client is completed.

It operationalizes the 'why' and then the 'how.' With internal reinforcement of use, these tools create a framework for new ways to manage, perform and measure success.

 Ingeni, LLC Consulting has the experience to effectively facilitate these methods to help clients build the social capital critical to positive outcomes within teams and organizations.  



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