Notifiers of 'bad news' often focus more on managing their discomfort than effectively relaying the information. It's the reason why those on the receiving end report not only the news as devastating but the way it was delivered as 'salt in the wound.'

The workplace has plenty of 'bad news arenas:' termination and performance discussions, exit interviews, demotion, lost promotion, critical apologies, reduction in force and company closures. There is also of course the big one-death- of a colleague; someone's child, the CEO, your officemate sitting at their desk, a major crisis on the premises affecting everyone.

​If you are in a leadership or HR role chances are you'll be tasked with delivering this kind of news. If you've done this before have you ever asked for feedback afterwards? What do you think they would say about how you delivered this news?

If you've never done this before...are you prepared- so  a difficult situation doesn't turn into a regrettable event? We can help. We have a lot of experience in this area. Don't wait for a bad outcome. Prepare.

Conflict Management 

  • Do you manage a high conflict team? Like herding stray cats?
  • Is aversion to conflict creating more conflict? 
  • What is your conflict management style? Is it effective?
  • Do you know what drives 'pot stirring' and 'drama' behaviors? Ready to pull your hair out?

​​​​We have lots of ideas....just to get you thinking. Let's customize a training or coaching program to fit your needs-from leadership to line staff.


  • Would you prefer needles in your eyes to relaying bad news?
  • Do you 'delegate' this task to others as avoidance?... Be honest.
  • ​Are you haunted by previous 'difficult' conversations?​
  • What would the person on the 'receiving- end' of you- say?​


Ingenillc Consulting Services


Character Strengths Development 
for Managers, Teams and Individuals ​

Change is hard, for individuals, teams, and organizations. When things aren't going well, we all say we want it, but rarely accomplish manifesting exactly what it is we need. Change, even when welcomed invites resistance, and what we resist, persists.

Changing behavior, perspectives and outcomes is where we excel. 'Lord of the Flies' team behavior, toxic environments, alienation rather than inspiration from the pool of talent already present, chronic communication disconnects, …any of this sound familiar?

Call us. After listening to you, we can suggest program topics and strategies. It's what we do.

​​Changing Behavior and Outcomes

Conflict is everywhere and ever present. But conflict gets a bad rap from the inaccurate assumption that it's always a negative. There is good conflict and bad conflict. Typically, we don't learn as children or adults how to use conflict for benevolent positive outcomes. Instead, we tend to avoid it, sometimes use it for unhealthy reasons, get tongue-tied when confronted with it and for many, just plain fear it.

If viewed and used effectively, conflict can be as much a tool for innovation as is inspiration. What if the conflict in your workplace could be identified, resolved and transformed? Think that's impossible?  Well it's not. 
We welcome listening to you and making suggestions for training or coaching. 

We'll teach you tools for effective phrasing, reading body language and facial English, effective 'seating language' for meetings and even how to deliver an effective apology .

If just talking about conflict makes you queasy…remember…if nothing changes, then nothing changes.

Training and coaching begins with a validated survey to identify quantified ranking of character strengths of each participant.  A detailed report on survey results is reviewed with individuals and used throughout the work.  Results are compiled in a team report for in-depth analysis of character strengths present within the group.​ 

Exercises and homework are assigned for individual coaching and group work customized to the individual and team as a whole.

Sound Interesting? Contact Us.
It's What We Do.

'Difficult' Conversations 

  • Improvement or development? Think they’re the same?​
  • Can you identify performance disrupters in your workplace?
  • Are 'unmentionables' the white elephant?
  • ​Would your direct reports say you embrace a Strengths-Based or Obedience-Based management style? Does it matter?
  • ​What's the ratio of social capitol to outcomes in your workplace?

 ​Training For Innovation


​see also Koden Consulting Services, LLC


Workshops; Coaching; Conference Presentation; Retreat Facilitation