When Lisa came on board, she was able to quickly identify where development was needed with both individual team members as well as for the group as a unit. Her use of Character Strengths Development to define each employees’ balance of strengths and how to use each strength effectively in a variety of situations proved to be so valuable that we continue to use this tool today. As a result, our current consent staff is the most successful consent team that this organization has had to date. With Lisa’s training and guidance, we experienced an increase in our authorization rate and a significant decrease in donor registry opposition. Since 2010, each year has yielded numbers higher than that of the previous year. But more surprisingly – and just as eye-opening  – was the change in our team’s dynamic. Under Lisa’s careful one-on-one coaching and team-oriented group work, our coordinators have flourished and are now happy, balanced, and passionate about what they do.  There is a tremendous amount of mutual respect and support for one another, and morale is higher than it has ever been. Conflict is nonexistent, and turnover is rare – since 2010 our only two vacancies have been due to lifestyle change and moving out of state. Unity has replaced mistrust as our common element. Quite honestly, they give a damn about each other and this organization. I couldn’t ask for anything more as a manager.

To add a personal perspective, I owe a great deal to Lisa... and my advancement into management is proof. Lisa was able to teach me to tap into the strengths that already existed within myself so that I could provide the best service to those that I worked with. Additionally, I learned how to use the strengths of my team to help cultivate a more positive unit.  When I began moving up within the organization, Lisa guided me through the inevitable challenges that I was to face during those transitions, helping me to grow in new ways so I could manage my team successfully. I am a different person today because of her tutelage. Lisa will not show up at your door with tired and overused team building exercises.  Rather, she will methodically develop each team member so that they reach their fullest potential as individual requestors, as team members, and as professionals. The added bonus, of course, is that more developed and invested requestors perform better and authorization rates increase by default. Her unique style and extraordinary talent is unrivaled, in my opinion. The results of her training have been undeniable for our team, and our organization. 

Gina Shelton, CTBS | Manager, Consent Services, The Tissue Center Of Central Texas

"I enjoyed the program and am very appreciative of the knowledge level & information provided. I came in expecting more of the same info we've always been given & I left with a lot of knowledge & different perspective & different tools for my job and personal like."              Customized Workshop, anonymous evaluation

I have personally worked with Lisa on developing my leadership Team and myself on Strengths Training.  Realizing the strengths of each team member has allowed me to better communicate with each director and build a stronger relationship with my team.  Outside of the Leadership training, Lisa also meets with each director each month to focus on their individual strengths, while recognizing the strengths of others.  Through those meetings, Lisa has been a great mentor and sounding board as we discuss specific issues related to our responsibilities.​              Gordon Bowen, CEO, Lifebanc​​

"Lisa-you are amazing! So glad I had the chance to go through yet another training session with you! I certainly hope to see you again soon."           Customized Workshop, anonymous evaluation​​

Our recent endeavor and training program did involve some consent pieces, but we really focused on her expertise with strengths development.  My staff.. all have varied roles so I wanted a training program that could meet everyone’s needs and be beneficial for them as individuals, as well as our organization.  Our organization had recently gone through some changes that slightly dampened the engagement and I felt that this might be an opportunity for us to get back on track.  I was pleasantly shocked and amazed that this training was more than I could have ever anticipated.  The outcomes have been remarkable. Since starting our journey as a group with Lisa, the team is much more engaged, on target with goals and the communication within the group and to outside partners has improved tremendously.  The training has been so successful that other areas of the organization...including our leadership team, have all embarked on the journey. Lisa has a remarkable way of connecting with staff... and her encouragement and guidance really helps people see what can be with a little work and the right mindset.  I highly recommend Lisa for any type of training that she has to offer. Her effectiveness was apparent in my 2013 performance reviews as every single one of my employees noted how grateful they were for the training both personally and professionally.          

Heather Mekesa, COO & Director of Hospital Services, Lifebanc

"I was completely satisfied with this training and feel Lisa's style, knowledge and experience make for a perfect combination in effective training."    Customized Workshop, anonymous evaluation   

I have been acquainted with Lisa since 2009, when she was hired as a consultant for my previous employer. Due to her multi-faceted background, knowledge and personal experiences, Lisa provides a very unique perspective. I urge you to carefully consider Lisa who is, quite simply, one of the most remarkable people I have ever met.  She will be coming to you with fresh new ideas and the qualities of a natural teacher: conscientiousness, dedication, intelligence and integrity. I don’t miss an opportunity to recommend Lisa, and the services that she provides.  

Lisa Herman, CPTC/AOC Clinical Consulting Associates

"Great speaker-would love to listen to her again-totally keeps your attention; kept everyone involved with questions, ideas and removed any fear of participation. All answers are encouraged. I felt  apart of the team." 

Customized Workshop, anonymous evaluation​​

"Love, love, love going through your trainings."          Customized Workshop, anonymous evaluation

​​"Having the opportunity to hear and interact with Lisa Dinhofer was a life experience. Just being in her presence, feeling her energy and passion held me captive. Her words, her experiences, her expressions and her body language compelled me to take an honest look at “who” I am and in what form do I see it manifest. Now I have it, I want to be a giver of peace, that person who can come into any situation and do or say something or nothing and for at least a moment help someone feel peace." Graduate Thanatology Student, Hood College, Frederick, MD

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