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​see also Koden Consulting Services, LLC


Retreats can jump-start transformative change, repair trust and workplace relationships, spark creativity and lead to important 'AHA'​ moments for problem solving. The challenge is...retreats are temporary and so can be the 'feel food' effect. But it doesn't have to be. How do you keep the momentum going once you're back in the workplace? There needs to be a strategy. You need tools.

Ingeni, LLC Consulting customizes and facilitates presentations for your Retreat programs insuring that time away was a good use of your resources. We use peer reviewed 'positive focused'​ modalities and exercises.  But we don't stop there. We help clients continue progress made once the Retreat is over.

With a robust background in conflict management, counseling and coaching we're seasoned at helping individuals and teams tackle sensitive issues and coming out better for it on the other side primed for a new chapter. We also provide debriefing and work to reach an equilibrium following a crisis or difficult event in your workplace.

We'll do a  thorough assessment in advance to craft a program in partnership with you, that hits the mark you're aiming for, at the retreat and afterwards.

You're only limited by your imagination and creativity. We can spark ideas if you need help. 

​"What if....?"


Stepping Back To Move Forward