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'When Missions Get in the Way: Transforming Interdisciplinary Challenges and Role Conflicts to Improve Outcomes For Abused Kids.'

 This program works with the highly sensitive challenges of interdisciplinary collaboration and role conflicts stemming from inaccurate assumptions between law enforcement, the court system and social service agencies in addressing issues of child abuse and pediatric homicide that can produce unintended outcomes incongruent with respective agency and collective CAC missions. Facilitated at the 2015 annual MD Children's Alliance (MCA) conference..

 When Systems Fail: Impact on Crisis Response Professionals

When System Structures Fail During Event Management 

What happens when emergency response professionals have inaccurate assumptions regarding the systems they depend on and assume will be available- but fail during a mass fatality event? Understandably, we can predict unsatisfactory outcomes for the victims but what is the short and long-term impact for Emergency/Crisis Response professionals on the ground?

This unique and impactful presentation uses searing video clips from an actual mass fatality event in Iraq featuring dual perspectives from two responders caught in a nightmarish scenario where their best efforts were hampered by profound system failure. It highlights inaccurate assumptions on the part of government agencies overseeing foreign posts during war time with devastating permanent consequences.

Facilitated for the Disaster Response Summit sponsored by the Federal Allies Institute in Washington, D.C. April 2014 and the Homeland Security Conference, Washington, D.C. Sept. 2013