Sound familiar?

 Unintended or unwanted outcomes do not have to characterize your management or workplace experience.

It's about asking different questions than you have been to achieve different results. Learn more about how we help our clients on the next page.

Because if nothing changes, then nothing changes.


  • Your workplace sees schizophrenic change in reporting structures but no change in unwanted outcomes. 
  • Performance is not where it should be. Meetings become blame sessions and nothing gets accomplished.
  • "My leadership team has a problem with conflict and not enough is getting done".
  • You have an employee returning from bereavement leave after a traumatic loss. Reintegration is not going well and the team as a whole is off kilter.
  • The 'culture document' to improve workplace culture didn't work.
  • Managing an employee who is a narcissist and not meeting expectations.  
  • Disengaged employees and 'incentive' programs aren't working.
  • "Our employee satisfaction survey backfired
  • ​There was a traumatic event in the workplace and staff is struggling to get back 'on-line'. As a result the numbers are slipping creating yet another stressor.
  • "Focusing on the positive won't get problems fixed. No one will take you seriously".
  • ​"It's a better use of time and money to improve on weaknesses". 
  • ​​​"Why can't my direct reports just do their jobs and stop whining"?!
  • Trying to spark innovation with your team to fix existing problems.
  • ​You have employees with obvious strengths but poor performance.
  • "How can I 'inspire' my staff"?
  • "​My team is unsupportive and disrespectful towards each other; backstabbing and gossip rules".
  • ​"Does trying to motivate staff work"?
  • You feel as though you're managing an adult day care center rather than running a department.
  • Case review meetings are not manifesting improvements to process.
  • ​​"I'm so done managing 'drama' behavior"!
  • "My team claims I'm not transparent and don't communicate. I think I do".
  • ​​'Coaching' my direct reports is not improving their performance.
  • ​Three words that define your workplace and not in a good way: ​morale, disengagement, retention.
  • "I'd give ANYTHING to avoid one-on-one performance evaluations"!
  • My company experienced a public scandal several years ago and we're still feeling the effects internally. Why can't people just move on?
  • Social Capital...what's that? And what does it have to do with anything?
  • Struggling with team cohesion whose members work in the field.
  • I have some employees with great ideas who won't speak up in meetings, waiting until afterwards to speak with me on the side. How can I get them to participate?
  • Struggling to change a toxic culture in the workplace.
  • Promoted to management and now in charge of my workmates. It's not going well.

High conflict teams, 'drama' behavior, disengagement, ineffective problem solving and lack of innovation are just some of the challenges our clients face.

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