"Freedom to question conventional wisdom does not incite rebellion, it inspires thinking."


Ingeni, LLC Consulting employs peer reviewed, evidence-based modalities to assist clients in identifying the 'why' driving unwanted outcomes and then the 'how' of implementing effective change that lasts.

Unwanted outcomes resulting from : high conflict teams; performance disrupters, communication disconnects, Silos, core disengagement and 'legacy' issues are just some of the challenges we address with clients.


​Are you stuck in a 'thought-boundary'?  

It all begins with "what if?" Curiosity. A dynamic character strength that is the gateway to problem solving, reinvention, innovation, growth and success. To thrive, curiosity is dependent on the freedom to think beyond conventional wisdom.

We develop meaningful relationships with our clients and provide tools that will remain long after the work is complete. 

Ingeni, LLC Consulting will help you create an environment that inspires "what if " in response to your challenges and the innovation that can follow.


​So go ahead...ask yourself..."what if?"

Who Do We Help?

Assumptions, begotten by conventional wisdom, drive behavior and decision making. Inaccurate assumptions litter the workplace with regrettable hiring decisions, ineffective problem solving and chronic conflict.


​We're 'Assumption Busters.'

Inaccurate assumptions lie at the heart of every unwanted outcome.​​

Ingeni, LLC Consulting works with senior leadership, mid-line management, team leaders and line staff within corporate, non-profit and social service agencies facing chronic obstructions in manifesting needed change for better outcomes. 

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