Ingenillc Consulting Services



​see also Koden Consulting Services, LLC

Our Beginning
Ingeni, LLC Consulting is a success story. It's about how one company,  Koden Consulting Services, LLC,  created another one...Ingenillc Consulting. Whilst operating  Koden Consulting Services, LLC  since 2004, we began identifying and responding to other challenges in 2010 that our clients were experiencing with performance and behavior, incorporating the modalities featured here. Our clients were getting results and calling us back in for more - so we just kept going and growing. Koden's  orientation is training and performance development within trauma and crisis environments whilst Ingeni's is development within the business workplace. Different end users but our background and expertise (Bio) enhances our facilitation resulting in proven translational effectiveness. For simplicity, in 2015 we created a separate entity for Ingeni's orientation, officially launching Ingeni, LLC Consulting and marketing the two firms separately. 


We believe in setting realistic expectations. Change is hard, even when positive and we can help you work through that. But in the end, "If nothing changes, then nothing changes."

Meaningful and sustainable change happens when the will and energetic investment is present at all levels.

​​Outcomes are a result of assumptions driving behavior and this equation exists from leadership to line staff.  

Our Name
'Ingeni' derives from the Latin word 'ingenium' meaning innate quality, capacity, acumen, talent. The key word being 'innate' which succinctly describes our work and is the inspiration behind our tag line "Know your Strengths." It's about tapping into what is already there and already strong to trigger the innovation that results from asking..."what if?"


Ingeni, LLC Consulting offers myriad  services  in different formats for short and long-term duration. What you won't find with us is a 'cookie-cutter' program. We adhere to the belief that each client has needs unique to them requiring a bespoke approach. We don't assume we know in advance what is best for you. Following an assessment and in partnership with you, we'll craft a program that makes sense for the challenges we're addressing. 

Focus and Approach

Ingeni, LLC Consulting focuses on your outcomes, both wanted and unwanted. As 'Assumption Busters' we root out what's driving ineffective practices resulting in unintended results. We believe in capitalizing on innate strengths for problem solving, reinvention and perhaps the most important element to your future...sustainable growth.

​Research reports that developing strengths rather than an emphasis on weakness-improvement leads to better outcomes and inspires engagement, collaboration and productivity. We don't ignore weakness and negative outcomes. We just come at it from a different angle.

​Drawing from a robust background we utilize peer reviewed and evidenced based modalities for a comprehensive approach to work with you.

Our work is applicable to organizations, teams and individuals at all levels, regardless of your field of endeavor. We work with people within both professional and personal environments. Our clients come from a wide spectrum of disciplines that include: healthcare, anatomical donation and transplantation, social work and mental health; law enforcement, attorneys, child welfare agencies, security/risk management, emergency response preparedness, forensic and mortuary, clergy, Call Centers, non-profit and business. 


Sound interesting? We're happy to provide an initial 60 minute consultation free of charge, to listen and assess if we can be of help. If we're not the right ones for the job we have no hesitation in saying so and offering you other suggestions. No point in either of us getting in the wrong seat on the wrong bus.

So go ahead and ask "what if"... and give us a call


We believe in analysis of your existing data in combination with our modalities. 

We emphasize with clients that data is particularly important for how success is being defined and measured.

We can help you identify inaccurate assumptions from data and improve methodologies for interpretation.