Ms. Dinhofer, MA, CT is a certified Thanatologist, trained counselor and communication expert with over 18 years training, consulting and coaching experience for effective messaging and management of unexpected loss or abrupt change, 'difficult' conversations, chronic conflict and performance development within high intensity front-line occupations and business environments. 

Ms. Dinhofer is experienced in working with a diverse client base that includes: healthcare, anatomical donation and transplantation, social work and mental health; law enforcement, attorneys, child welfare agencies, security/risk management, emergency response preparedness, forensic and mortuary, clergy, Call Centers, non-profit and business professionals. 

Ms. Dinhofer specializes in addressing difficult or persistent 'performance disrupters' that can include employee termination and counseling discussions, 'interdependence disconnects', professional role conflict and identity crises, managing work-related anxiety and discomfort, conventional-wisdom-thought-stagnation, behavioral change failure, ineffective management styles, unexpected or unwanted outcomes, high conflict teams, chronic relational issues, dysfunctional communication patterns, retention, toxic cultures and ’legacy issues’ - applicable for leadership to line staff. 

Ms. Dinhofer is trained in the work of Appreciative Inquiry and VIA Character Strengths Development for application within professional and private settings. As such, she embraces a positive strengths based approach to problem solving. Known as an 'Assumption Buster', she is particularly adept at identifying and repairing inaccurate assumptions driving unwanted outcomes, recognizing and utilizing 'hidden' successes and facilitating effective behavioral change. Ms. Dinhofer is also a trained mediator who uses the Narrative Style of conflict resolution and is a recognized SME on consent for organ and tissue donation, frequently serving as an expert witness for litigation of invalid anatomical consent. 

Ms. Dinhofer is a sought after workshop facilitator and has been a featured presenter at over 100 scientific and professional conferences in the U.S., U.K., Middle East and the Czech Republic. She is an Adjunct Instructor in the Graduate school at Hood College, Frederick, Maryland and the owner of Koden Consulting Services, LLC, a complimentary consulting firm specializing in trauma, crisis response and the aftermath.


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